Usbasp revisited!
Well, it's been a long time since I've had a chance to play with electronics. This was the last thing I built:

Yep, that's a non-breadboard non-arduino version of the usb avr programmer. But wait... it didn't work?! Read more...Collapse )

Wii Sensor Bar!
I somehow managed to lose my Wii sensor bar. I was surprised to find that none of the shops around here sell replacements, since they are composed of nothing more than some plastic and infrared LEDs. Huge markup potential.

No matter! Wii "sensor" bars are easy enough to make with materials I had lying around the house. There are tons of these builds floating around the web but electrically I think mine's one of the more sound ones out there.

Most people use resistors to drop the current for LEDs but I've instead used an LM317 variable voltage regulator as a current limiter. It's a common use for the chip and I can see why: the thing works like a horse to keep the current at the desired level.

More pics after the cut!Collapse )

Variable-voltage power supply
I built a variable-voltage power supply using this instructable and I'm already finding it very useful. Here's what mine looks like.
Variable power supply
I'm planning on adding a voltage meter to it at some point. I'm thinking my next project will be a PC joystick using an Atmel microcontroller, as I've just received arcade buttons and other parts in the mail. Onward!
Click to see a pic of the insideCollapse )

Welcome to my electronics blog!
Hey, everybody! Programming stuff on the computer is great, but pushing pixels around isn't nearly as cool as pushing *real live stuff* around. I've been wanting to get into physical computing for a long time and I finally ordered (and received) an Arduino Duemilanove. Why arduino? Well, they're the same price as an Atmel AVR microcontroller programmer.

So what's the first thing I did with it? Why, I built an AVR programmer, of course!
Check out the pix..Collapse )


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